Tech Cord

Accessory cord

Tech Cord from TEUFELBERGER is an extremely strong and abrasion resistant multi-purpose cord.


Core: Technora®
Cover: polyester
Braid: 24 

Made in
Color Images
  • Black

    3 mm

  • Orange

    5 mm

  • Blue

    5 mm

  • Green

    5 mm

Our Tech Cord consists of a polyester cover surrounding a core of 100% Technora®. This combination gives the cord extreme strength and abrasion resistance. As a result, our Tech Cord gets extremely high tensile strength. However, the reported tensile strength of Tech Cord, as with any rope, can be significantly reduced when used with a knot. The most recommended knot for this cord is a double fisherman's knot.

Min. breaking strength, free length
Min. breaking strength, free length
3 1/8 11.3 0.76 1,335 3 000
5 3/16 23.4 1.57 2 090 4 700
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