Fiber ropes for engine start-up applications

Application-specific fiber ropes for chain saws, stone cutters, starting devices for small gasoline engines

Countless times, the rope for starting up your chain saw or your lawn mower has to perform properly and inconspicuously. The starting device is bound to do its duty - you expect 100% reliability from this component, even if its value is just insignificant compared to that of the machine.

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To ensure that your expectations are not disappointed, we manufacture application-specific fiber ropes, e.g. for: chain saws, stone cutters, starting devices for small gasoline engines (e.g. lawn mowers), but also for emergency starting devices to be used when the battery fails (e.g. in snowmobiles). In close cooperation with our partners we manufacture ropes that are extremely resistant to abrasion and feature high reverse bending fatigue strength. They are optimized to a long service life and perfect spooling behavior. At the customer’s request, we produce the articles of our product portfolio in the appropriate lengths, customized with knots or other rope end terminations.

Synthetic ropes for conventional applications consist of polyamide or polyester fibers. For extremely demanding applications (e.g.: stone cutters) we also fabricate starter ropes of HMPE fibers.

Our ropes - your benefit:

  • Our synthetic ropes are characterized by a long service life and extremely high abrasion resistance.
  • The ropes remain supple at all ambient temperatures.
  • Perfect spooling behavior at all temperatures and ambient conditions (e.g. presence of shavings, sand or dust, etc.)
  • Our ropes are produced for you either on spools or customized for installation.

We offer the following rope end terminations for engine start-up applications:

  • Knots
  • Tapered end for easier threading

Polyamide 16 Start

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