Fiber ropes for general industrial applications

Tailor-made rope solutions for your industrial application

Our product range doesn’t offer what you are looking for? Even so, we have the right rope for you! We understand your requirements and develop and/or manufacture ropes at our customer’s request for a great number of industrial applications, such as:

  • Ropes for sun protection systems
  • Ascenders for wind power stations
  • Fiber ropes as sealing elements
  • Ropes for electric tools
  • Ropes for the automotive industry (convertible top drives)
  • Synthetic ropes for deep hole drilling
  • Auxiliary ropes for the installation of industrial components
  • Loops and slings for hoisting and hauling loads
  • Helicopter ropes
  • Ropes for pipe access systems
  • Ropes for the installation of cables and telephone lines
  • Ropes for tarpaulin systems
  • Ropes for screening plants at hydroelectric power stations
  • Ropes for hot-air balloons
  • Ropes for hand lifts on construction sites
  • Ropes for power plants for alternative energy generation - for example: tidal power stations
  • Ropes for utilization of upper wind energy
  • Inserts and wrapping material for steel wire ropes
  • Playground ropes, i.e. fiber ropes with cut resistant steel core
  • Hauling ropes for wakeboarding and waterski cable parks

We have specialized in finding replacements for steel wire ropes, i.e. creating replacement for steel wire ropes in various applications by offering extremely high strength, lightweight and durable ropes. In many cases, we can replace the ropes one to one - without even having to convert your installation!

Our range of products:

You’ll find a wide range of different rope types by clicking here. We fabricate these ropes for maritime applications, but we’ll be happy to optimize these products for your scenario of use or produce any special length.

In addition to this large selection of universal fiber ropes, we also have our reinforced fiber ropes HyperTEN and DuraTEN.

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