TYCOON® PET strapping

Storage and transport can affect your goods in various ways. Vibrations, temperature differences, and sunlight may have a negative impact on pallet strapping material and cause packaging to become unstable. In order to meet the numerous requirements for securing and transporting load and withstanding external influences such as temperature fluctuations and changing sunlight conditions, we developed a broad range of various polyester (PET) strapping types of widths from 8 to 32 mm. Being the biggest system independent manufacturer of strapping, we help you find the ideal solution for your intended use. We also provide custom-tailored solutions beyond the usual standards.

TYCOON® polyester strapping

With their small manufacturing tolerances, consistent high quality, and high breaking strength, our TYCOON® PET strapping ensures smooth processes on both fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools. In many applications, our polyester strapping is suited to take the place of steel strapping and offers the following advantages over conventional steel strapping:

  • sustainable packaging solutions thanks to recycled material recovered from used PET bottles
  • made for the circular economy, 100 % recyclable
  • trouble-free and low-maintenance strapping
  • reliable protection for your packaged goods
  • easy coil changes thanks to 1-2 Strap technology

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TYCOON® a sustainable alternative to steel

In many areas of use, TYCOON® polyester strapping is suited to take the place of steel strapping. Featuring small manufacturing tolerances, a consistently high quality and high breaking strength, our PET strapping guarantees smooth processing workflows on both fully automatic strapping machines and handheld strapping tools.

  • constantly high retained tension
  • easier and safe to handle
  • enhanced safety at work for users, protects the health and safety of your staff – no risk of injuries caused by the strapping
  • buckle-free closure
  • no damaging of packaged goods
  • no discoloration on goods caused by rust

TYCOON® PET boasts a compellingly high shock reserve.

Dynamic stresses caused, for example, by vibrations or by moving and reloading pallets several times have a substantial impact on the stability of the packaged goods. Due to the high shock reserve, which is the product of elongation and breaking strength, TYCOON® polyester strapping offers significant advantages over steel and provides compact protection and long-term safety for strapped-up products.

TYCOON® Jumbo Make-up

Various jumbo versions (horizontal, eye to the sky or vertical eye to the side) of TYCOON® PET adapted to your specific use case are available on request. Efficient. Sustainable. Saves cost and time.

  • helps save cost and time due to fewer coil changes
  • longer machine availability per coil
  • lower CO2 emissions due to reduction of transport mileage and packaging
  • high weight makes changing coils manually impossible

For all standard strapping machines

TYCOON® polyester strapping is suited for use on all standard strapping machines (fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools) from manufacturers such as Columbia, Fromm, Itatools, Messersi, Orgapack, Strapex, Signode®, CMR, Cyklop, Delonca, Itipack, Mosca, OMS, Reisopack, Sander, SMB, Titan, or Samuel.

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