Ready made

Besides high performance ropes, TEUFELBERGER also offers ready made products like loops, prusiks and pre-configured sets for various applications in working at height.

  1. Sirius Loop

    Sirius Loop

    Sirius Loop from TEUFELBERGER is certified as a prusik to ANSI Z133-2012 and offers great abrasion resistance and flexibility.
  2. Prusik Loops Green/Yellow

    Prusik Loops

    Prusik loops in sewn or bonded version for various applications where grip is the key.
  3. Ocean Polyester Loop

    Ocean Polyester Loop

    In view of its certifications, Ocean Polyester Loop, a hitch cord from TEUFELBERGER, is suited for a wide range of uses.
  4. Ocean Polyester e2e

    Ocean Polyester e2e

    Ocean Polyester e2e is a hitch cord with stitched e2e slings. This sling is certified to EN 795B and EN 566.
  5. Ocean Dyneema® Loop T

    Ocean Dyneema® Loop T

    Ocean Dyneema® 7 mm Loop T is a proven prusik from our tree care segment and now also available for safety & rescue use.
  6. Roof Kit

    Roof Kit

    The Roof kit made of KM III® supports PPE users when working on roofs or at height.
  7. Micro Rappel Kit

    Micro Rappel Kit

    The Micro Rappel Kit is an escape system consisting of a rappel harness, descender, 2 carabiners, Tech Cord, and usage log.
  8. ropeBUCKET/kitBAG


    ropeBUCKET/kitBAG are the robust transport and storage bags for safety & rescue products from TEUFELBERGER. 
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