Boom hoist rope

With the offered range of high performance steel wire ropes TEUFELBERGER ensures that cranes can perform their tasks precisely and reliably.  Ship unloaders have to perform steadily to provide for the efficient loading and unloading of ships, a requirement directly transferred to the high performance steel wire ropes used.  Quick and safe workflows require the reliable high performance steel wire ropes from TEUFELBERGER manufactured to highest standards.

EVOLUTION excels, regardless of the crane type

The TEUFELBERGER product portfolio includes 8-strand high performance steel wire ropes that are very successfully used on ship unloaders.  Regardless of whether used on super post panamax or panamax cranes, TEUFELBERGER will recommend the suitable rope for your ship unloader. 

Total Cost of Ownership is a matter of course

We understand the Total Cost of Ownership principle, i.e. achieving high cost effectiveness over the whole service life, as a clear mandate in the development of our high performance steel wire ropes.  Therefore, when used as boom hoist ropes for ship unloaders, TEUFELBERGER ropes achieve  extremely long service lives,  no matter if used in single-layer or multi-layer spooling.  Our steel wire ropes are delivered with the plastic-infused steel core PLASTFILL® providing for safety and corrosion protection.

SUPERFILL® reduces wear

Due to the SUPERFILL® technology, a proven smooth compaction method developed by TEUFELBERGER, our hoist ropes feature extraordinary lifetimes. Wear is minimized because of the round rope surface and therefore reduced surface pressure caused.

These rope constructions are available either galvanized or bright, as required. On special request also high performance 6 strand ropes can be produced.



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