Paper carrier ropes

TEUFELBERGER is the leading manufacturer of paper carrier ropes worldwide. Due to decades of experience TEUFELBERGER has obtained a unique know-how about paper carrier ropes and their application. No two paper machines are the same, but TEUFELBERGER always has the right fiber rope for your machine. With us, there’s no need to compromise, as we have the suitable product for each and every use.

Service and advice

A paper carrier rope has got one main task: it has to work inconspicuously. Our ropes achieve optimum values in terms of threading characteristics and service life. Combining these features with our specialist knowledge about rope run, rope tension and splicing, we accomplish the task that our paper carrier ropes work perfectly and without being noticed - all over the world.

Cost savings

An unscheduled downtime of a machine costs 10,000 euros per hour on average. As part of our comprehensive service, we advise you about possible ways to optimize your rope system. Thus, we can help you reduce unscheduled machine downtimes to a minimum. Scheduled rope changes increase the efficiency and production capacity of your paper machine!

Global network

TEUFELBERGER has a worldwide network of trained distribution partners who offer TEUFELBERGER customers the advice and service they need with regard to their ropes in the respective key situations.

Your benefits:

  • Longer service life due to revolutionary rope coating and high grade primary materials
  • Low stretch both in wet and dry condition
  • Better protection against washout caused by chemicals or water
  • Increased safety due to more intense rope colors
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