Hitch Line

Prusik and hitch cords for tree care

For the ideal Prusik hitch and friction hitch, we recommend our ropes from the Hitch Line. It includes hitch cords such as our new epiCORD and our tried and tested Ocean Polyester. Moreover, the tree care product range of Teufelberger includes the Sirius Accessory Cord, as well as the HRC ThermaShieldPrusik.

Our Prusik cords and hitch cords combine our leading edge technologies with high tech fibers. With our tree care products from the Hitch Line, we offer hitch cords with maximum heat protection, high breaking loads, and exceptional functionality.

The Prusik cords and hitch cords are characterized by:

  • Maximum heat protection
  • High minimum breaking forces
  • International certifications
  • Wide range
  1. epiCORD


    TEUFELBERGER’s hitch cord epiCORD is the latest addition to the Hitch Line product family and impresses with its kernmantle design.
  2. Ocean Polyester

    Ocean Polyester

    The Ocean Polyester hitch cord from TEUFELBERGER impresses with its abrasion resistance and heat resistance. 
  3. Sirius Accessory Cord

    Sirius Accessory Cord

    The Sirius Accessory Cord from TEUFELBERGER is the classic hitch cord in tree care.
  4. HRC ThermaShield Prusik

    HRC ThermaShield Prusik

    The HRC ThermaShield Prusik features an extremely heat resistant cover made of Technora® and spun Nomex®.
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