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Safety, Performance and Sustainability are the three pillars of our strapping division and determining our daily actions. Safety, on the one hand for our employees and customers and on the other hand as load unit security in transportation. The exceptional good performance is reflected within our product innovations, our outstanding service and the long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Last but not least, sustainability as a daily companion in product development, trainings and considerate handling of resources.


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Strapping made of polyester and polypropylene as well as printed plastic strapping

Being a system independent manufacturer of strapping, TEUFELBERGER offers you solutions custom-tailored to your specific requirements. After all, exceptional products and applications call for exceptional strapping solutions. 

We specialize in the development, production, and distribution of premium quality strapping made from PP and PET. Therefore, you can be certain that strapping from TEUFELBERGER is ideally suited for your specific conditions of use. Whatever industry sector you operate in, whether in Baling, Building Supplies, Canning or Bottling, Printing, Wood and Timber, Metals, Corrugated Board, or Logistics, we have the right strapping solution for you.

Not only do we produce polyester and polypropylene strapping, but we also offer special services to customers. On the one hand, we develop your strapping for your specific application. On the other hand, we have an international team of expert engineers who will address your needs at your site. You benefit from stellar quality, customized solutions, and excellent service.

What is strapping?

Strapping bands are packaging material and used to secure goods such as pallets and boxes for transport. Available strapping material vary in its width and thickness and made out of different materials such as plastic, textile or steel. We at Teufelberger offer plastic transport protection made out of polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET).

What is the difference between PP and PET-strapping?

When choosing the right strap you may ask yourself PP or PET. What is the difference? The most important factor to wether choose PP or PET strapping is the application of the strap, how much load will be exponsed on the strap during transport.

Generally applies:

  • PP (polypropylene) straps are for lighter applications. In general, they are thinner and available in various colors such as white, blue or black. PP is the “classic” strapping band most people know from newspaper bundles or strapped pallets.
  • PET (polyester) straps are usually broader and have a higher breaking strength. In most cases, they are available in green and used for heavier applications such as bundling of metal pipes or building materials.
Purpose of strapping?


  • On common purpose of strapping is to bundle lose goods which cannot packed in boxes. Applications are wide-ranged from newspaper to magazines, from building materials such as bricks and wooden beams to metal pipes and –bars.
  • A good reason to bundle goods is the possibility to count big units more easily if packed into smaller packages. Once goods are packed handily, they can be stored faster and transported easier.


  • Another good reason for strapping is the possibility to close packages or boxes. The strap prevent the opening of the box during transport and goods reach their destination safe and sound. With the help of hand-tools or strapping machines, strapping of goods is an easy and fast task.
  • In addition, opening of a strapped good is easy: pull the strap close to the welding seam and remove the strap in one piece, without any residues or damaging the goods.


  • For applications where goods are compressed straps are a good alternative. The straps tear strength and tension keeps the good in its shaped form and supports a safe transport. Examples are cardboard stacks where straps holds the cardboards tight and bundles of fibers compressed and kept tight into place for transport.


  • Securing of goods is another good example how to use straps. Straps secure the transported good on a pallet and ensure load safety.
  • An important goal is to prevent accidents due to bad load security; therefore, it is essential secure the goods safe (first step within the package, second step within the mean of transportation). Straps can undertake this task, however which strap is suited depends on the individual application as well as on the goods which have to be secured.

TEUFELBERGER strapping makes a difference because it offers the following advantages:

  • low maintenance and failure-free strapping
  • reliable protection of your packaged goods
  • economically and technically the best solution for your strapping purpose
  • smart supply management (from order placement to delivery)

Our portfolio - the right strapping for any type of use

Our wide product portfolio includes strapping made of polyester and polypropylene as well as printed plastic strapping. You can use our strapping on fully automatic strapping machines and in combination with hand tools.

  • TYCOON® polyester strapping:
    The ideal packaging solution to strap extremely heavy or difficult-to-secure goods to pallets, from bricks to fiber bales and steel coils. TEUFELBERGER strapping makes transporting your products safer. Furthermore, this strapping is ideal to replace steel strapping.
  • TEWE® polypropylene strapping:
    The versatile solution for all kinds of transport packaging such as for textiles, furniture, newspapers, cartons, roof tiles, and glass bottles.
  • HQ Printing Solutions – printed polypropylene and polyester strapping:
    Design your product packaging solution to your individual needs and preferences. By printing information onto strapping, it is given valuable functions such as anti-theft protection, proof of product origin, and advertising.
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