Hauling ropes for add-on winches and skidding winches

TEUFELBERGER's portfolio includes hauling ropes specifically designed for add-on and skidding winches. These hauling ropes can be steel wire or also fiber ropes. Steel wire ropes exhibit high breaking forces, zero twist, and a compacted surface. Fiber ropes are 80% lighter than their steel counterparts. This enhances the productivity of users by about 20% (according to a study conducted by University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna).

Characteristic features of our hauling ropes for add-on and skidding winches are:

  • high breaking forces
  • zero twist
  • consistent high quality from the first to the last meter of a rope
  • flexibility
  • abrasion resistance in case of steel wire ropes
  • lower weight in case of fiber ropes

Our product portfolio for this forestry application includes PERFECTION F30 – Woodrunner, F20, and F10 steel wire ropes. Our fiber ropes suited for use as hauling ropes are STRATOS® Winch Pro and STRATOS ® Winch Light.

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