Foundry crane

Hoist ropes for foundry cranes

Ladle and foundry cranes transport hot liquid steel in environments with extremely high temperatures.  This puts tremendous stress on the crane and consequently also on the high performance steel wire rope that serves as the hoist rope. Fast and safe work processes require steel wire ropes that are developed to meet the highest standards. TEUFELBERGER's portfolio includes 8-strand high performance steel wire ropes that deliver impressive reliability and longevity on cranes from manufacturers such as Danielle, Taiyuan Heavy (TZ), and Dalian Heavy (DCWDI).

TEUFELBERGER high performance steel wire ropes for ladle and foundry cranes in steel mills ensure the efficiency of steel mill operations. Custom-tailored rope end terminations and rope installation devices such as the "Teufelberger Pull-Eye" complete our steel wire ropes to meet specific customer needs.  PLASTFILL®, the plastic impregnated steel core, ensures the perfect lubrication of the core of hoist ropes for ladle and foundry cranes throughout their entire life span, even in high temperature environments. Depending on customer needs, TEUFELBERGER ropes are available as galvanized or bright versions.

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