Balance rope

Balance ropes are used only in friction-type deep hoisting shafts (Koepe) as a balance for the rope weights. Without such balance ropes, the hoist ropes would start slipping on the traction sheaves at a certain depth because of their own weight. Therefore, the weight of the balance ropes must always be adapted to that of the hoist ropes.

  1. 34x7 Class

    34x7 Class

    34x7 Class is a highly flexible, rotation resistant and durable balance rope from TEUFELBERGER.
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To ensure a safe and troublefree operation over the long term, the following rope characteristics and/or ancillary conditions should be ensured:

  • Rotation resistant rope construction (mainly if no deflection sheaves are used) to avoid twisting and/or tangling of the ropes.
  • A suitable ratio between rope flexure and rope diameter
  • A sufficiently flexible rope construction (increasing the maximum possible number of bending cycles and ensuring a safe rope flexure)
  • Wire surface coating (corrosion protection) adapted to the prevailing conditions

Our range of products includes the so-called “34x7 Class” balance rope which is excellently suited for this application. Of course, the TEUFELBERGER balance rope can be delivered with different coatings.

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