Tower / ground mounted friction hoist balance rope

Tower and ground mounted Koepe friction winder systems necessitates the use of balance ropes, also called tail ropes, to reduce the requirement for frictional force at the Koepe drum. The balance rope weight is normally designed to be equal to the weight of the head ropes; however, balance ropes slightly heavier than the head ropes can be advantageous during the ascent of the skip/cage.

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To ensure a safe and troublefree operation over the long term, the following rope characteristics and/or ancillary conditions should be ensured:

  • Rotation resistant rope construction to avoid twisting and/or tangling of the ropes (note: balance ropes are used in combination with rope swivels).
  • A sufficiently flexible rope construction to ensure a small natural loop diameter and a high bending fatigue performance(
  • Wire surface coating (corrosion protection) adapted to the prevailing conditions
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