Fiber Structures

TEUFELBERGER used different fiber structures that support the characteristics of the rope.


The yarns consist of one single element of a relatively large diameter and are braided into a rope.



  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Low dirt take-up
  • tiff structure

Textured fibers

A certain degree of disorder is caused in a formerly straight bundle of synthetic fibers to generate characteristics which are usually seen only on natural fibers.



  • Good grip
  • High elasticity
  • Traditional look and feel


    A bundle of thin fibers processed into twines which then are braided into a rope. The majority of fiber ropes follow this basic design.



    • High flexibility
    • High tensile strength

    Staple fiber

    This type of material consists of spun pieces of short filaments instead of a bundle of long ones.



    • Excellent grip
    • Soft handling

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