• High performance steel wire ropes from TEUFELBERGER on oil platforms around the globe.
    Hoist ropes and boom hoist ropes
    for offshore cranes
  • EVOLUTION QS 816 V(G) braves wind and weather – and features impressive allround characteristics to boot
    High performance wire rope
  • In the middle of the ocean – reliable, cost-effective, and safe steel wire ropes
    Offshore crane with hoist rope
    and boom hoist rope

High performance steel wire ropes for the oil and gas industry

TEUFELBERGER develops and produces innovative steel wire rope solutions of consistently high quality for the high demands of the oil and gas sector. Decades of cooperation with system and crane manufacturers have strived, and continue to strive, superior results in steel wire rope design. Only joint efforts with both customers and wire material suppliers have allowed us to produce high performance steel wire ropes that successfully withstand the climatic conditions encountered on Oil & Gas platforms. Salt water, wind, sand, etc. are environmental factors TEUFELBERGER steel wire ropes are able to handle withstand. 

TEUFELBERGER's rope portfolio includes a large number of special ropes for the Oil & Gas sector

  • ropes for offshore cranes on drilling platforms
  • ropes used on drilling vessels  such as
    • ropes for knuckle boom cranes
    • ropes for deep sea winches
    • ropes for active heave compensation systems (MRT – marine riser tensioners)
    • ropes for drilling applications (drilling systems)

Minimal downtimes are a milestone on the way to optimum cost-effectiveness

Replacement ropes can only be stored in limited numbers. Therefore, any unforeseen rope change requires a major logistical effort.  Especially on offshore platforms, any unscheduled downtime of a crane generates considerably high extra costs. These costs are unnecessary and can be avoided with a TEUFELBERGER high performance steel wire rope.  In addition, crane ropes from TEUFELBERGER markedly reduce overall lifetime costs.  Because we know what matters: flexibility, quality, perfect spooling characteristics, reliability, safety, and longevity.

Nevertheless, if a problem does occur, TEUFELBERGER's rope professionals will give you excellent support. Whatever problem occurs, you can reach our network of support technicians around the clock our 24 hour hotline. We make sure to keep your downtimes to a minimum. 

The rope design makes the difference

The construction of a high performance steel wire rope requires detailed technological and manufacturing know-how. The PLASTFILL® technology developed by TEUFELBERGER is a lubricated steel core encased in a compact plastic coating.  The SUPERFILL® compaction technology is a special process used to compact the individual wire strands of a steel wire rope. Galvanized wires and special lubrication afford additional protection against corrosion. This is of particular importance in the oil and gas industry.

High performance steel wire ropes used as hoist ropes, auxiliary hoist ropes, and boom hoist ropes   

TEUFELBERGER offers a vast variety of rotation-resistant and non-rotation-resistant high performance steel wire ropes for the oil & gas segment that are equally effective as hoist ropes, auxiliary hoist ropes, or boom hoist ropes. Their scope of usage ranges from ropes for cranes, winches and marine riser tensioner systems to drilling ropes for drawworks. 

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