Technical Laces

Shoelaces and shoestrings

Custom-made shoelaces and shoestrings for your safety footwear, firefighting footwear, hiking boots, snowboard boots, leisure shoes, or a variety of closure systems – we at TEUFELBERGER have the right laces for your shoes.

TEUFELBERGER has specialized in the production of shoelaces and cords for closure systems for many years and offers customers solutions geared to their needs. Impressing our customers with their excellent quality, our laces are suited for any use in the footwear industry.

Product development is the indispensable cornerstone of success

With the aim of offering you the right lace systems for your products, we continue to develop and broaden our range of high tech laces. We develop our products in cooperation with our customers so as to live up to the high expectations of the industry. This means that we subject any new shoelaces and closure systems to extensive real-life testing before we debut them on the market. By linking our ropemaking expertise to feedback from knowledgable users, we are able to develop and deliver superior products that are of great benefit to our customers.

Customized shoelaces and closure systems

We produce customized high-tech laces for various types of use. Our product portfolio ranges from shoelaces for traditional leisure shoes to safety footwear for various industries and through to sports footwear, for example, for mountain sports (hiking boots, snowboard boots, etc.). We also offer customized solutions for closure systems that include cords.

If you are looking for suitable high-tech laces and closure systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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