Safety and Rescue Ropes

When it comes to safety and rescue work, TEUFELBERGER is a trusted partner to count on.

TEUFELBERGER has specialized in workplace safety, tree care, rope access, emergency response organizations, and all segments involving work in areas where there exists a risk of falls from a height.
Apart from standard TEUFELBERGER products, the safety and rescue rope portfolio also includes ropes of TEUFELBERGER's Maxim®brand. This gives us a large portfolio to cater to your needs and demands.

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At TEUFELBERGER, product development is an important component for lasting success

In collaboration with our customers and partners, we continue to develop and broaden our safety and rescue portfolio. This allows us to live up to the high demands of the various industry sectors. Thanks to our rope expertise gained in the course of decades, continuous cooperation with partners, and the resulting innovative drive, we are able to turn stunningly unique ideas such as our PLATINUM® technology into reality.

Our product development process incorporates fiber research and testing, prototype development, and internal inspections. Tests for compatibility with commercially available products and practical trials also form essential parts of our development process. Finally, all this culminates in the product certification conducted by independent third parties.  

This comprehensive product development process was developed and refined over the years and has played an important role in making TEUFELBERGER a key player in the world of work at height. Consequently, TEUFELBERGER's safety products are tailored perfectly for your intended use.

TEUFELBERGER has a broad portfolio of safety and rescue ropes and complementary accessories.

Our portfolio comprises static ropes, dynamic ropes, throwlines, heat resistant ropes, accessory cords and loops, allround ropes, and our handy rope bags. 

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