Strapping secures your valuable products while being transported from A to B. To achieve the required load security and to get the most out of your strap, TEUFELBERGER offers the METIS measuring service. This service provides data and valuable information in real time.

Improve your strap packaging by the help of data

METIS measurement service includes:

  • Creating real-time data from your strap during application.
    The actual strap tension is measured on the packed good. The portable METIS measuring system quickly provides you on site data of the applied strap joint strength.
  • Receive an analysis of the performance of your strap
    The service provides an overview of all measured values of your strapping: tension on the packed good, breaking force of the strap used and strap joint created by the used strapping machine and consequently the efficiency of your strapping.
  • Expert insights on how to improve your process
    By summarizing our observations and suggesting adaption steps, the packaging process, including the load security can be improved.


  • By having the data on hand, optimize the specifications and avoid over-specifications; the measured information helps to understand your strap process thoroughly
  • Safety: know that you transport your goods in a safe way
  • Sustainable: reduce the CO2 footprint by using the strap specified for the application
  • Value the raw material: by reducing the amount of strap needed for your application you can reduce the input material and reduce the plastic waste created
  • Cost savings: Reduce downtimes by further understanding your process

Interested in the METIS measurement service?

Here are some insights on why it is supporting your strapping process:

mobile measuring system
  • The strap tension shows us the force, a strap is applied on the pallet. Low levels of strap tension can cause product movement. Too high levels of strap tensions can bring breakages of the strapped goods.
  • The strap joint is the part where the two ends of the straps are joined. This is the weakest part and possible point of rapture. It is an important point of measurement to understand the strength of a strap.
  • Both values define the load security of your strapped goods. This data can help to understand your individual strapping process.
  • By using the METIS measurement service, potential points of improvements are provided.

By measuring, understanding the provided values, adaptions, tests and re-measuring improvements in the strapping process are provided using the real time data on site. This can lead to more constant, stable and safe strapped goods, leading to

  • increased safety,
  • reduced costs and
  • saved CO2 emissions.
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