Kite lines

For more than 10 years, TEUFELBERGER has been a technological leader and successful producer in the field of kite lines. The products made in our house are the ultimate benchmark in kiteboarding when it comes to quality, breaking load, stretch, and shrinkage. Many years of cooperation with leading manufacturers of kite equipment are the basis of a high quality product portfolio that benefits kiters all over the world.

Our range of products:

  • Flying lines
  • Bridle lines
  • Leader lines
  • Depower lines

The most important components in kiteboarding are the board, the bar with the control and safety lines, as well as the kite itself. Our high quality lines excelling due to minimum stretch offer the kiter a perfect connection between the bar and the kite, thus improving the performance of the kite and the whole system.


When kiting on the water or on snow, crossed lines will be rubbing against each other, leading to higher abrasion of the kite lines. To reduce this abrasion, Teufelberger has developed the NEXT.GENERATION technology, which helps us to achieve an increased service life of the lines. Even after many hours of heavy use the ropes still feature the same break and stretch values as at the beginning of their service lives.

Benefits of the NEXT.GENERATION technology:

  • Up to 15% reduced stretch values
  • Up to 10% narrower tolerance ranges
  • Up to 3 times higher abrasion resistance
  • Constant break and stretch values
  • Longer lifespans and periods of use


All flying lines from Teufelberger are provided with the TRACE.TECHNOLOGY which, in most cases, is a colored PES monofilament in the braid of the flying line. What is the advantage of this Teufelberger technology and what makes it unique?

The features achieved by the TRACE.TECHNOLOGY can be compared to those of a toothbrush, whose bristles will rise again after sweeping the finger across them. This principle is leveraged in the TEUFELBERGER kite lines. The technology always causes the kite line to straighten itself again, which helps to avoid extreme radii and the consequential kinking of the line.

For more details on our products, please refer to our Kite Catalog.

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