Fiber ropes for the entertainment industry

TEUFELBERGER produces customized fiber ropes for the entertainment industry.

Whatever you, as a professional user, are looking for in terms of colors, materials, rope constructions, etc. – we have the right, reliable solution for your every need! 


 In this segment, we cater primarily to three different areas of use:

  1. Whether in theaters, on stages, in films, stunts, musicals, etc. – our synthetic ropes are used on a regular basis in various productions such as theater performances, musicals, Broadway shows, and many major Hollywood blockbusters.
  2. Fiber ropes for rope-guided camera systems. With the help of our ropes, spectacular images from ski and formula 1 racing, rowing competitions, ski jumping, or the Olympic Games are delivered to your living room – directly and without problems.
  3. Bowling pin resetting ropes guarantee the smooth operation of bowling alleys. Our ropes ensure that the pins are reset again quickly and without interruptions so that there is nothing to spoil your fun.

Our ropes – your benefit:

  • TEUFELBERGER fiber ropes ensure the safety of persons and operations at various film productions, sports events, musicals, etc.: Actors, stunt professionals, stage workers, and camera systems must be belayed such that they cannot fall down, sustain injuries, or injure others. The entire installation must be stable – for the safety of users and spectators. Furthermore, the ropes must function such that they ensure that the entire performance proceeds without difficulties.
  • Our synthetic ropes exhibit extremely high breaking forces in combination with minimal weight.
  • In order to obtain wide spans (for example, for cameras following the boats in rowing competitions), it is indispensable that the ropes be extremely lightweight and have the lowest elongation possible. This permits minimal rope slack and a low constructional height of the entire system. Minimal slack also ensures the energy-efficient operation of the carriage.
  • Depending on customer needs, we offer a variety of ropes. They are custom-tailored for the respective production – for example to match the stage background.  For most applications, it is important to make the ropes as inconspicuous or invisible as possible. 
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