spLIFE program

With the spLIFE program Teufelberger offers an unprecedented service on the market which will offer our partners and users a greater flexibility, a real added value and a better safety....


spLIFE is a vast program which brings together several topics, solutions and offers the following to our partners and end users:

  • We will gradually stop making ropes using the Slaice® method as splices, and replace it with a new method called spLIFE.
  • We will accredited splicers from all over the world, via the spLIFE accreditation program.
  • We will in collaboration with TUV Austria certify some of these partners via the spFLIFE partner program.
  • We will organize workshops several times a year and all over the world for our  access and rigging ropes via the spLIFE workshops program.
  • We will regularly train and control accredited splicers via the spLIFE training program
  • We will release publically the splicing methods for our ropes via the spLIFE public program. 

Why is Teufelberger launching the spLIFE program

We firmly believe that offering our partners to manufacture the terminations themselves has real added value. We also believe that this will offer greater flexibility to users who will be able to choose the length of their ropes and the number of terminations, and this more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the fact of accrediting, certifying, training and rigorously controlling our certified partners and accredited splicers will be a guarantee of quality and safety for the end users.


spLIFE Training / Accreditation / Partner

Please get in touch with your market manager if you are interested by this program.

More details will follow beginning of April, but below a short summary: 

  • Step 1 : get your splicer(s) spLIFE accredited by following a spLIFE training session (6 hours / 4 samples of Tachyon / 4 samples of drenaLINE)
  • Step 2 : request the TUV certification (extension of the Teufelberger TUV certification / Module B2), and get the spLIFE partner status.
  • Step 3 : Carry out 100% control and records. Send us samples for static and dynamic tests (first 6 month after certification , and then every 12 months)
  • Step 4 : Annual audit , send us records of 100% control.
  • Step 5 : Re-training of your splicers (Every 2 years)

spLIFE workhops 

We'll be happy to organize spLIFE workshops in collaboration with our partners and give the chance to end user to learn how to splice following Teufelberger ropes:

  • Tachyon
  • drenaLINE
  • Sirius Bull Rope
  • T-Rex
  • Fly (coming soon) 
  • Braided Safety Blue (coming soon)

spLIFE public

We have decided to release publically the spLIFE instructions of drenaLINE and Tachyon, to improve safety and to be certain that the splicing methods used will comply with Teufelberger quality standards.

spLIFE Master Trainers

You will find below the regularly updated list of spLIFE Master Trainers who are the only splicers authorized by Teufelberger to carry out the training for the future spLIFE accredited splicers.

Trainer nameLanguageCountry
Rénald Rémy French France
Joe Stockton English Sweden
Dominik Secklehner German Austria

spLIFE accredited splicers

You will find below the regularly updated list of splicers that have received their spLIFE accreditation and for which Teufelberger ropes.
These splicers have received specific trainings from Teufelberger and have manufactured splices which have been tested and met Teufelberger quality standards and EN1891A European standard.

However, in no case can spLIFE accreditation be assimilated to a certification.
Teufelberger will soon launch the spLIFE partner program which will help our distributors to obtain TUV EN1891A certification on the splicing of drenaLINE and Tachyon ropes made by spLIFE accredited splicers.

spLIFE accreditation
Splicer nameCompany NameCountryAccredited sincedrenaLINETachyon
Lee Cole Honey Brothers United Kingdom 14-04-2020 Yes Yes
Jan Hoorne Independant Belgium 14-04-2020 Yes Yes
Johnny Bourfartigue Independant Switzerland 14-04-2020 Yes Yes
Trevor Douglas Treegear Australia 14-04-2020 Yes No
Syd Howells Cutting Edge Arb Ltd United Kingdom 14-04-2020 Yes No
Dominique Champonnier Vermeer France France 13-08-2020 Yes Yes
Achille Piotrowicz GARDENFORST – S.A.I. srls Italy 13-08-2020 Yes Yes
Thomas Culley treekit Ltd. United Kingdom 13-08-2020 Yes Yes
Marek Smerda Arboteq Czech Republic 13-08-2020 Yes Yes
Romi Ahmad CSK Singapore 13-08-2020 Yes Yes
Alessandro Mazza Bambin Sementi snc Italy 31-08-2020 Yes No
Andrea Trautzl Drayer Germany 14-09-2020 Yes No
Andrea Moriconi Verdealberi srls Italy 14-09-2020 Yes No
Václav Studený Arboteq s.r.o. Czech Republic 14-09-2020 Yes No
Ariel van der Leeuw Safety Green Netherlands 14-09-2020 Yes No
Max Olesko Baumklettermax Austria 14-09-2020 Yes No
Mateusz Sahs Polski Arborysta Poland 14-09-2020 Yes No
Anna Heuer Treetools New Zealand 14-09-2020 Yes No

spLIFE Certified Partners

You will find below the regularly updated list of spLIFE Certified Partners. These partners have received from TUV Austria a certification according to the European Standard EN1891A, and are able to manufacture and sell spLIFE terminations on certain Teufelberger Ropes.

spLIFE certification
Company NameCountryWebsiteCertification NumberSincedrenaLINETachyon
Arboristbutiken Danderyd AB Sweden arboristbutiken.se 2047-2007-PSA17-063-E 22-07-2020 Yes No
CONDOR Safety Belgium condorsafety.be 2064-2008-PSA20-014-E 31-08-2020 Yes Yes


drenaLINE spLIFE instruction


Tachyon spLIFE instruction



What standards spLIFE splicing methods are fulfilling?

EN1891A, ANSI Z133

What are the minimum average breaking strength for drenaLINE & Tachyon spLIFE?

20 kN for drenaLINE, 18 kN for Thachyon - if the splice is properly made.

Did the spLIFE fulfill also the dynamic test of the EN 1891A standard?

Yes , with a minimum of 6 drops

Why will we stop to produce Slaice splicing and replace it with spLIFE?

Slaice was a good splicing solution, but not replicable by our partners due to the stitching pattern and the dynama webbing inside the eye. And also too bulky to fit into the ZigZag.

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