Climbing Line

Climbing ropes for tree care

Among the products of the Climbing Line, you’ll find all climbing ropes for tree care allowing you to work safely in the tree. Our product portfolio includes climbing ropes such as our popular Tachyon, our Hi-Vee (Braided Safety Blue), the versatile KM III, and many other arborist ropes.

Our arborist ropes are manufactured exclusively in Veseli (Czech Republic) and in Fall River (USA), which ensures a high quality of the climbing ropes. Moreover, we subject our ropes to extensive tests in comprehensive field trials and evaluate them with professional arborists.

Our arborist ropes of the Climbing Line are characterized by:

  • High quality
  • Excellent functionality
  • International certifications
  • Versatility
  • Further information
  • Patented rope end termination [slaice]®
  1. Braided Safety Blue

    Braided Safety Blue

    The Braided Safety Blue from TEUFELBERGER combines features that ensure unparalleled safety, ergonomics and durability during climbing.
  2. KM Pro

    KM Pro

    KM Pro is our new EN1891A access rope for treecare world, with a construction that is rooted in that of our flagship access & rescue product KMIII...
  3. Chameleon


    All-round rope with ecological footprint certified to EN 1891A.
  4. Arbor Elite

    Arbor Elite

    The Arbor Elite is the ideal entry level climbing rope offering excellent value for money. 
  5. Tachyon


    Thanks to its unparalleled feel and its exceptional performance, Tachyon is ideal for use with the latest mechanical systems. 
  6. Fly


    The Fly climbing rope features a well-balanced kernmantle design and excels due to its brilliant handling features. 
  7. charityLINE


    One rope equally efficient! Our charityLINE (drenaLINE) gives ultimate freedom to the climber to choose the right technique for the task and also supp...
  8. drenaLINE


    One rope equally efficient! Our drenaLINE gives ultimate freedom to the climber to choose the right technique for the task.
  9. Xstatic


    Straight to the point! With Xstatic 11.7 TEUFELBERGER designed a perfectly static rope specifically for Single Rope Technique (SRT) climbing.
  10. KM III

    KM III

    The climbing rope KM III from TEUFELBERGER is an outstanding static rope for single rope applications, for rappelling and for salvaging.
  11. KM III Max

    KM III Max

    KM III Max is a well-balanced and low rotating static rope featuring a unique twill design that ensures work positioning with smooth descents.


    The PLATINUM® arborACCESS is the access rope from TEUFELBERGER impressing arborists with its construction and materials.
  13. Patron treeACCESS

    Patron treeACCESS

    Certified to EN 1891 A, Patron treeACCESS is designed as an access rope and offers compelling value for money.
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