If we are talking buoyant safety and rescue ropes, then TEUFELBERGER has the right throwlines for you.

Our throwlines offer excellent handling characteristics. Providing unlimited buoyancy, excellent grip, and high strength, they are ideally suited for rescue operations on ice, in fast-flowing waters, or at sea.

Our portfolio includes a superb selection of buoyant safety ropes.

  1. MFP Throwline

    MFP Throwline

    The MFP Throwline from TEUFELBERGER is ideal for use as a throwline as it flakes easily and resists kinking. 
  2. NFPA Throwline

    NFPA Throwline

    The NFPA Throwline is an extremely strong and versatile rope that has good hand and a high visibility cover.
  3. Water Rescue Rope

    Water Rescue Rope

    The Water Rescue Rope from TEUFELBERGER is the safety and rescue rope for swift-water rescue operations.
  4. Polygrip Throwline

    Polygrip Throwline

    The Polygrip Throwline is the new throw line in the TEUFELBERGER range. It convinces by its excellent buoyancy and very good grip.
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