• TEUFELBERGER slope winch rope for Kässbohrer
    With the TEUFELBERGER slope winch rope
    through ice and snow
  • TEUFELBERGER slope winch rope for Prinoth
    Prinoth relies on quality

Ropes for slope winches

For some years now, TEUFELBERGER has been supplying the most renowned manufacturers of slope winches: Kässbohrer and Prinoth.

TEUFELBERGER is an exclusive supplier excelling due to a continuously high quality. Our slope winch ropes are leading in terms of service life, spooling characteristics and breaking force.

The long service life of the ropes increases the periods of use and reduces the maintenance periods of slope groomers, thus offering the customer a substantial economic advantage.

With a plastic cover against snow and ice

TEUFELBERGER develops and produces special steel wire winch ropes for all commercial winch systems such as drum winches or spill winches. Due to their 8-strand or 9-strand structure the slope winch ropes are especially suitable for applications involving high numbers of bending cycles. The particularly high breaking force is achieved by the special SUPERFILL® compaction technology.

Competence on site

Both Kässbohrer and Prinoth have a worldwide network of service partners where our slope winch ropes can be procured. Due to this proximity to the customer, competent specialists are able to provide the required services even more rapidly. This means improved safety and economic efficiency when using steel wire ropes in winch-equipped vehicles.

If you need a slope winch rope, please contact our partners Kässbohrer or Prinoth.

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