General Purpose ropes

General Purpose ropes from TEUFELBERGER can be used for many different purposes. They are suited for various rescue or belaying tasks, for example in industrial climbing, tree care, for emergency response organizations, etc. Our portfolio of allround ropes ranges from 100% polyester ropes to 100% UHMWPE ropes.

If you have special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will custom-design a suitable solution for you.

  1. Orion 500

    Orion 500

    Orion 500 is the "jack-of-all-trades" among our safety and rescue ropes. Its main strengths are good grip and spliceability.
  2. Sirius Bull Rope

    Sirius Bull Rope

    Sirius Bull Rope is one of TEUFELBERGER's general purpose ropes. Especially for arborists, it is considered a must-have among rigging ropes.
  3. Ocean 3000 XG

    Ocean 3000 XG

    High strength fiber rope for general use made of UHMWPE.
  4. Endura 12

    Endura 12

    Endura 12 is one of our allround ropes in the safety and rescue segment. It features high tensile strength and low elongation.
  5. Endura Braid

    Endura Braid

    Endura Braid is an allround safety and rescue rope. It has high tensile strength and low stretch.
  6. STS - Stronger than Steel® HSR-75

    STS - Stronger than Steel® HSR-75

    Ultra-strong rope made of Dyneema® - optimized with STS Stronger than Steel process for high load bearing capacity.
  7. Sta-Set


    Sta-Set, an allround rope from TEUFELBERGER, is known for its low stretch and long service life. 
  8. 3 Strand Nylon

    3 Strand Nylon

    3 Strand Nylon is an allround rope from TEUFELBERGER and ideal for fall arresters, vertical lifelines, and lifeline installations. 
  9. Safety Pro-12

    Safety Pro-12

    Safety Pro-12 is an allround rope featuring longevity, good abrasion resistance, and low stretch.
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