All technical data and information for the perfect rope selection

Hoist ropes, balance ropes, shaft sinking ropes and guide ropes. TEUFELBERGER has published a new mining catalog with 20 high-performance steel wire ropes that gives you an overview of all relevant rope data, provides comprehensive rope know-how and helps you select the right rope.

1) Find out the technical data of 20 high performance hoist, balance, shaft sinking and guiding ropes::

  • Rope construction
  • Nominal rope weight
  • Breaking load
  • Torque values
  • E-modulus
  • and much more

2) Learn how to select the right rope for your underground mining application.

3) Learn more about specific wire rope topics such as

  • Rope torque
  • Rope elongation
  • Tread pressure
  • Rope sheave dimensions
  • Pulley groove dimensions
  • Deflection angle
  • Bending radius
  • the choice of the correct lay direction
  • and much more

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The catalog is available in English, Spanish and Russian and is aimed at mines, hoisting equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, shaft sinking companies and dealers.

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