Fiber ropes for capstan winches

These fiber ropes of PES or high strength HMPE material are provided with a high grip cover to be used on spill winches and/or capstan winches for the hauling and hoisting of loads. These premium performance ropes excel due to minimal slip, excellent spooling behavior, extremely high reverse bending fatigue strength and a long service life. Depending on what our customers need, we manufacture these synthetic ropes with various cover constructions such as HMPE, PES, or a combination of HMPE/PES. Our special service includes the CE certification of the ropes as needed.

  1. HyperTEN+ Pro


    HyperTEN+ is a thermally pre-stretched high-end fiber rope made of original Dyneema® SK78 fibers. It is mainly used in industrial applications that re...
  2. DuraTEN+ Pro-P


    The high-performance fiber rope DuraTEN+ offers highest breaking forces, bending cycle resistance and abrasion resistance. This fiber rope serves as a...
  3. DuraTEN Pro-P


    The DuraTEN fiber rope excels with high breaking forces at minimal weight, high bending fatigue strength as well as abrasion resistance, and a long se...
  4. HyperTEN Pro


    HyperTEN is our thermally pre-stretched high end fiber rope for highest technical requirements and is ideally suited as a replacement for steel wire r...
  5. Globe 5000 MK2

    Globe 5000 MK2

    The technical fiber rope Globe 5000 MK2 excels with high friction values and breaking forces, very low stretch, as well as minimal core/cover displace...
  6. Sirius 300 XG

    Sirius 300 XG

    Sirius 300 XG excels with an excellent price/performance ratio at very good friction values, good breaking forces and low stretch.
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Our ropes - your benefit:

  • Our ropes weigh seven times less than steel wire ropes.
  • The synthetic ropes excel due to highest breaking force, minimal slip and perfect spooling behavior.
  • Fiber ropes are not subject to corrosion or soiling caused by rope grease.
  • Our synthetic ropes are no source of injury.
  • The ropes are characterized by quick and easy handling, thus allowing the user to work ergonomically.
  • We offer you a flexible design of the ropes.
  • We manufacture a unique rope end termination with socketing cone without any loss of breaking force.
  • You can do the socketing yourself, for example if a rope has to be shortened.
  • The ropes are extremely abrasion resistant while featuring minimal stretch and very high radial stability.
  • Our ropes feature a very high reverse bending fatigue strength - resulting in a long service life.
  • Fiber ropes go easy on downstream sheaves, which means reduced wear of the latter.

We offer the following rope end terminations:

  • Socketing: unique rope end termination with socketing cone without any loss of breaking force
  • Spliced eye
  • Stainless steel or tubular thimble
  • Various types of hooks
  • Installation aids and protection sleeves
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