Ropes for camera systems

Spectacular filming of sports events, concerts and other events with fiber ropes from TEUFELBERGER!

Who doesn't want to see spectacular TV images of sports competitions, concerts, and other events?  Every TV spectator has seen them: pictures delivered by camera systems that fly with ski jumpers, chase after Formula 1 race cars, or weave their way down slopes in synchrony with ski racers. However, these camera systems also capture riveting live footage from the New Years Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic and from the Olympic Games. 

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Fiber ropes for rope-guided camera systems

Ropes used in combination with these "carriages" must be extremely lightweight and stable and be kept under high tension in order to minimize slack. Since the camera is virtually always in motion, travels forward, decelerates, travels backward, decelerates, etc., the synthetic rope for high speed cameras must be able to withstand a large number of bending cycles. Other requirements demanded of ropes for this segment are high operational safety and the fact that they must not generate noise in use, that is, in travel. Benefit from our product range and get the best possible solution for your camera system.

Our ropes – your benefit:

  • Very high strength at minimal weight: the ropes may exhibit only minimal slack. This makes it possible to give the camera system a rather low, inconspicuous, and inexpensive design.
  • Minimal slack also minimizes energy consumption, as only slight upward and downward gradients need to be negotiated during all the necessary accelerating and decelerating.
  • Highest breaking forces with large safety reserves.
  • No injury risk for actors, athletes, and spectators
  • Simple and fast to handle during system assembly and disassembly.
  • Flexible design according to customer requests.
  • Extremely abrasion resistant for long service life and minimal operating costs.
  • Minimal elongation: retensioning is hardly ever necessary.
  • Extremely high reverse bending fatigue strength and lifetime.
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