Forest work accessories

For efficient timber harvesting, reforestation, or forest care, certain accessories are needed. Because of their many years of experience and close contact with forestry operations and forest workers, our specialists at TEUFELBERGER know what matters when choosing your equipment. Therefore, our vast range of accessories for forestry activities spans from choker ropes, forestry chains, pulleys, STRATOS® end bonds, and twitch hooks to rope grips, wedge sockets, and tree savers. 

  1. CONNEX Connector

    CONNEX Connector

    The Connex Connector is used to establish the connection between Log Slide and your choker rope.
  2. GBG-V Chain Lug

    GBG-V Chain Lug

    The GBG-V (Pewag) Chain Lug is used in combination with TEUFELBERGER‘s end bond.
  3. GO 10

    GO 10

    The GO 10 (Pewag) Twitch Hook is suited for winching operations with choker ropes (made of synthetic material or steel). The GO 10 Twitch Hook is used...


    Log Slide, the ideal steel rope twitch hook for all STRATOS® winch ropes. This twitch hook has a large entrance radius for the synthetic fiber rope us...
  5. STRATOS® Choker

    STRATOS® Choker

    For the rugged use demanded of a choker rope, TEUFELBERGER has come up with a light-weight and durable solution.
  6. STRATOS® Easyglide

    STRATOS® Easyglide

    STRATOS® Easyglide is the cutting-edge rope glider par excellence from TEUFELBERGER.
  7. STRATOS® rope puck

    STRATOS® rope puck

    The unique design of our new STRATOS® Rope Puck brings significant advantages for heavy-duty use in forests. The main advantages are: — light-weight...
  8. STRATOS® VGE Winch Pro end bond

    STRATOS® VGE Winch Pro end bond

    The patented VGE Winch Pro end bond is the ideal rope end termination and protects rope and cover along the rope's entire length.


    TEUFELBERGER‘s Chain Lug was designed specifically for use with TEUFELBERGER‘s Easyglide and Log Slide products (in combination with Connex-connector)...
  10. Choker ropes

    Choker ropes

    TEUFELBERGER offers choker ropes in two different materials: Dyneema® or steel. For detailed information, please see the catalog. 
  11. Pulleys


    TEUFELBERGER offers pulleys made from two different materials: pulleys of either aluminum or steel. For detailed information, please see our catalog.&...
  12. Forestry chains

    Forestry chains

    TEUFELBERGER's portfolio includes only Pewag-brand forestry chains.  For detailed information, please see our catalog. 
  13. Tree savers

    Tree savers

    Lifting straps or round slings are used as tree savers. For detailed information, please see our catalog. 
  14. Tree flattening ropes

    Tree flattening ropes

    In cooperation with a forestry school, TEUFELBERGER has developed two tree flattening ropes – one made of fibers, the other of steel. For detail...
  15. Saddle ropes

    Saddle ropes

    TEUFELBERGER has developed a fiber rope for using the saddle fastening system on trees. For detailed information, please see our catalog. 
  16. STRATOS® end bonds

    STRATOS® end bonds

    For our line of STRATOS® ropes, we have developed specific optimized end bonds. For detailed information, please see our catalog. 
  17. Twitch Hooks

    Twitch Hooks

    In winching operations, the twitch hooks are used where steel rope chokers with nipples are available. Twitch Hooks can be used for winch ropes of dia...
  18. Shackle


    In the program we have high-strength shackles from 2 to 50 tons load capacity in welded and straight form. Further details here in our catalog.
  19. Wire rope grips

    Wire rope grips

    Our portfolio includes various different EN 13411-5-certified wire rope grips. For detailed information, please see our catalog 
  20. Wedge sockets

    Wedge sockets

    Our portfolio includes EN 13411-6-certified galvanized wedge sockets. For detailed information, please see our catalog 
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