Ropes for off-road vehicles

High performance fiber ropes of HMPE for your off-road vehicle winches!

For the ambitious and professional competitive driver, but also for daily off-road use, TEUFELBERGER has developed high performance fiber ropes for off-road rope winches. These synthetic ropes of HMPE fibers are the ideal equipment for your off-road vehicle. Constructions both with and without cover feature a low weight, a long service life, as well as easy and safe handling.

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Our fiber ropes are bound to impress you:

  • Our fiber ropes weigh 7 times less than steel wire ropes.
  • The synthetic ropes are characterized by highes breaking forces - as high as or higher than a steel wire rope of the same diameter.
  • Fiber ropes are not subject to corrosion or soiling caused by rope grease.
  • Our synthetic ropes are no source of injury.
  • The ropes are characterized by easy and quick handling.
  • We are flexible in terms of design and offer a great variety of colors for the rope and the protective tube as needed.
  • Extremely high resistance to abrasion, especially when provided with a cover construction
  • The ropes for vehicle winches are characterized by an extremely high reverse bending fatigue strength and a long service life.
  • With a textile shackle, damage to attachment points is avoided.
  • The kinetic energy released on rope damage is considerably lower than in case of steel wire ropes.

We offer the following rope end terminations for your vehicle rope winch

  • Spliced eye
  • Stainless steel or tubular thimble
  • Various kinds of eyes, safety hooks and textile shackles
  • Installation aids and protective tubes
  • Optional: rope extension for difficult jobs
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