Replacement Parts / Enhancements

Enhancements and replacement parts for TEUFELBERGER tree care products

We offer a broad range of product enhancements and replacement parts to help you utilize our tree care products effectively and efficiently.  Depending on wear and service life, it will be necessary to replace and/or exchange certain “parts”. By means of our harmonized product enhancements you can complement your tree care products, thus employing them optimally for your application in the field of tree care.

Our product portfolio of replacement parts and enhancements includes such articles as the Comfort Back Padding for our climbing harnesses, loops, cones, and much more. 

  1. Waist Back

    Breathable padding

    The breathable padding – ideal for hot summer days!
  2. Ultra comfort padding

    Ultra comfort padding

    The Ultra comfort padding – adds more comfort and avoids any pinching and tweaking!
  3. Sirius 10mm Pinto Rig Loop

    Sirius 10mm Pinto Rig Loop

    The Sirius 10mm Pinto Rig Loop is an enhancement for the pulleySAVER and can also be used for many applications in the field of tree care.
  4. Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop

    Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop

    The Sirius 10mm Pinto Loop is a replacement part for the pulleySAVER. Due to its international certification, it can be used for many applications in ...
  5. equaLIZA


    The equaLIZA from TEUFELBERGER is an accessory for our pulleySAVER and is to be used as an additional equalizing link.
  6. Retrieval Cone

    Retrieval Cone

    The DMM Retrieval Cone is used with cambium savers.
  7. Ocean Polyester Loop T

    Ocean Polyester Loop T

    The Ocean Polyester Loop T is a versatile loop with steel thimble, which is used as a replacement part for the fImblSAVER.
  8. ringLOOP


    The ringLOOP from TEUFELBERGER is a friction hitch certified to EN 795B. It can be used, among others, as a replacement part for the multiSAVER and th...
  9. Ocean Polyester e2e

    Ocean Polyester e2e

    The Ocean Polyester e2e is a heat resistant hitch cord for climbing in a double-rope configuration. It is a replacement part for the CElanyard and the...
  10. Ocean Dyneema® Loop T

    Ocean Dyneema® Loop T

    The Ocean Dyneema® Loop T is a useful implement for many situations and a replacement part for the CElanyard, the fImblCLIMB and the pulleySAVER.
  11. hipSTAR Flex e2e

    hipSTAR Flex e2e

    As a replacement part for the hipSTAR Flex, the hipSTAR Flex e2e ensures utilization throughout the whole service life. 
  12. Comfort Back Padding

    Comfort Back Padding

    The Comfort Back Padding from TEUFELBERGER provides the climbing harnesses treeMOTION and treeMOTION S.light with a comfortable back padding. 


    SCRUBBA is a rope detergent specifically adapted to the requirements of fiber ropes. It helps you wash your ropes gently and easily. Available for ...
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