Fiber ropes for agricultural equipment

Regardless of which agricultural equipment you operate, we understand what you need and offer the ideal solution for your equipment - ropes for loader wagons, to tedders, rakes or feeding boxes. Beside the fiber ropes for these machines, our product range also includes operating ropes for mowers and pulling ropes for manure scrapers, as well as components for poultry feeding systems. We develop tailor-made solutions and manufacture the perfect rope for each of your applications. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we manufacture rope constructions either with or without cover.

We already have a broad range of ropes for your agricultural equipment. If our product portfolio, however, does not offer the rope you need, we’ll develop it for you. To send us your specific inquiry, please use our contact form.

  1. DuraTEN Pro-P


    The DuraTEN fiber rope excels with high breaking forces at minimal weight, high bending fatigue strength as well as abrasion resistance, and a long se...
  2. HyperTEN Pro


    HyperTEN is our thermally pre-stretched high end fiber rope for highest technical requirements and is ideally suited as a replacement for steel wire r...
  3. Tailor-made rope solutions

    Tailor-made rope solutions

    We’ll be happy to optimize this product portfolio from the marine segment for your applications.
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Our ropes - your benefit:

  • Fiber ropes are not subject to corrosion or soiling caused by rope grease.
  • Our synthetic ropes are no source of injury.
  • The ropes are characterized by quick and easy handling, thus allowing the user to work ergonomically.
  • We offer you a flexible design of your ropes as well as various ways of final customization and rope end terminations according to your preference.
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance, especially in case of ropes with cover

We offer the following rope end terminations for your agricultural application:

  • Eye spliced or stitched
  • Thimble
  • Socketing
  • Swaging
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