Rigging Line

Rigging ropes for tree care

In our Rigging Line you’ll find our rigging ropes for tree care. The TEUFELBERGER range of rigging products includes work ropes such as the Sirius Bull Rope, a must-have item for arborists, our Poly Nylon, our Multiline II, our new rigging rope tREX and the related Ploopies, Loopies and Soft Eye Slings, as well as many other ropes for rigging.

When it comes to rigging, we take safety very seriously. Therefore, our rigging ropes are certified to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Among other things, our ropes for rigging are characterized by:

  • High quality tested to the Machinery Directive
  • Outstanding functionality
  • Excellent handling
  • Quality tested to the Machinery Directive
  • Further information provided through the manufacturer's information
  1. Sirius Bull Rope

    Sirius Bull Rope

    The Sirius Bull Rope from TEUFELBERGER is a double braid for rigging applications, which has been a must-have item in tree care for many years.
  2. tREX


    Our newest addition to the Rigging portfolio is tREX, which is ideally suited for use as a rigging line, soft eye sling or loopie.
  3. tREX Ploopies

    tREX Ploopies

    For more lightweight rigging applications, our tree care portfolio now includes our tREX endless slings with a pulley from DMM.
  4. tREX Loopie

    tREX Loopie

    Our tREX Loopie is a colorfast endless sling for fixing deflection pulleys in accordance with the Machinery Directive. 
  5. tREX Soft Eye Sling

    tREX Soft Eye Sling

    The tREX Soft Eye Sling is the newest sling with one fixed eye made by TEUFELBERGER for rigging applications according to the Machinery Directive.
  6. Crane Kit

    Crane Kit

    Our Crane Kit was developed to make cutting down trees and similar items step by step by means of cranes safer, more efficient, and stable.
  7. Treeline


    The Treeline from TEUFELBERGER is a rigging line combining the strength and flexibility of 100% polyester ropes with light weight all in one product.
  8. Safety Pro 12

    Safety Pro 12

    The Safety Pro 12 is a superior rigging line from TEUFELBERGER excelling due to its high abrasion resistance and high strength.
  9. Blue Fleck

    Blue Fleck

    The 3-strand rope BlueFleck is a rope from TEUFELBERGER laid according to an old tradition. It is excellently suited for rigging applications.
  10. Multiline II

    Multiline II

    The Multiline II is a 3-strand rope for tree care from TEUFELBERGER which is very well suited for all applications in the field of rigging.
  11. Sta-Set


    Sta-Set from TEUFELBERGER is a durable high-grade double braided polyester rope that is ideal for rigging applications.
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