Ropes for recovery vehicles and military vehicles

High performance fiber ropes for winches of recovery vehicles and military vehicles

For this field, where speed of action and reliability are paramount, we develop high performance fiber ropes of HMPE fibers for your recovery vehicles and military vehicles (tow trucks, recovery cranes, etc.).

When recovering a broken down vehicle stranded in a narrow road or off-road, speed of action and precise handling are essential, as is making sure that the stranded vehicle is not damaged any further.

Recovery vehicles and military vehicles often carry heavy slings with them. If a vehicle breaks down off-road during a maneuver, it has to be pulled out. In this context, the factors weight and time play a key role. If, for example, the vehicle is under fire during the maneuver, the time factor is paramount. At the same time, the weight of the rope should be as low as possible, not least because it is often brought as a precaution but not needed in the end.

Our synthetic ropes meet all these requirements. We can produce them for you either with or without cover.

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Our fiber ropes are bound to impress you:

  • Our ropes weigh 7 times less than steel wire ropes.
  • We offer highest breaking forces comparable to those of a steel wire rope of the same diameter.
  • Fiber ropes are not subject to corrosion or soiling caused by rope grease.
  • Our synthetic ropes are no source of injury.
  • The ropes are characterized by quick and easy handling, thus allowing the user to work ergonomically.
  • We are flexible in terms of design and offer special colors as needed.
  • Various ways of customization and rope end terminations are available.
  • Ropes with cover are particularly abrasion resistant.
  • Our pre-stretched synthetic ropes are characterized by minimal stretch, highest radial stability, extremely high reverse bending fatigue strength, and a long service life.
  • With a textile shackle, damage to attachment points is avoided.
  • The kinetic energy released on rope damage is considerably lower than in case of steel wire ropes. 

Our rope end terminations for your rope

  • Spliced eye
  • Stainless steel or tubular thimble
  • Socketing
  • Various types of hooks
  • Installation aids and protection sleeves
  • Shackles and rope extensions
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