Auxiliary hoist ropes for floating cranes

Lifting of ever heavier loads (heavy lift applications) presents new challenges for floating cranes. Day after day. No matter whether heavy lift cranes are used in harbors or for offshore projects, ensuring safety during lifting tasks invariably constitutes a key priority for crane operators. Fitted with plastic-impregnated PLASTFILL® steel core, Teufelberger-Redaelli high performance steel wire ropes help customers achieve ultimate efficiency and safety throughout the ropes' entire lifetime. Our ropes are used successfully to lift heavy loads aboard ships around the globe. Depending on our customers' needs, these constructions are available as galvanized or bright versions.

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Teufelberger-Redaelli delivers beside rotation resistant ropes also special 6 and 8-strand steel wire ropes that are used successfully on all common heavy lift cranes. These hoist ropes provide exceptionally high breaking strength, but also excellent wear resistance. This is achieved thanks to the highly compacted outer strands. The SUPERFILL® compaction technology made for this purpose helps us achieve constant diameters with only minimal variations throughout the entire length of a manufactured rope. This makes operating your cranes trouble-free and safe and reduces the total cost of ownership.

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