TEUFELBERGER offers individual terminations for selected safety & rescue ropes. From splice to end bond!


A splice is obtainable for all single and double braids.


Spliced eyes with thimbles are the most general kind of terminations. Extremely versatile and robust, thimbles are the first choice for numerous applications.

End bond

Fitting the end of a fiber rope with a socketing cone is a high tech solution offering both, a maximum of tensile strength and unlimited flexibility in designing the metal end bond. The socketing cone itself features a thread to which any end termination can be connected. Stitched terminations TEUFELBERGER cuts the rope to the required length and makes stitched terminations meeting individual requirements. By building on decades of sewing experience and a great wealth of expertise in this field, we succeed in maintaining breaking forces at a very high level.

Tapered end

Rope and cord which is provided as a component for various pieces of machinery or appliances is often required to be prepared for a final assembly process. Tapered ends are important to facilitate easy mounting procedures.


This unique combination offers its users several significant advantages over conventional splices or stitchings:

  • Flexible: The end of [slaice]® is about as flexible as a rope.
  • Slim: In the case of [slaice]®, a thickened portion which standardally occurs on spliced ropes is practically non-existent. The design of this innovative termination hardly exceeds the rope’s diameter. The seam is made using TEUFELBERGER’s standard resin-based seam protector technology. The result of all these components is an easier-to-handle termination.
  • Light: [slaice]® technology helps achieve a weight reduction, as the amount of material is reduced compared to a conventional splice.