Tool Line

Accessories and additional products for tree care

Our Tool Line includes all additional products needed for tree care. You’ll find here, among other things, our popular treeMOTION, the versatile climbing harness from TEUFELBERGER, our ropeBUCKETs, our pulleySAVER, our CElanyard, our cambium savers, fliplines, various lanyards, Prusik loops, and loops.

Our Tool Line products are characterized by:

  • Their versatility in application
  • Development in cooperation with experts from the field of tree care
  • Best materials such as hardware from DMM
  • High quality standards
  • Internationally certified systems
  1. treeMOTION evo

    treeMOTION evo

    The treeMOTION evo is our top climbing harness for all arborists with multiple bridge variations changed out as required. The combination of the new v...
  2. treeMOTION


    The treeMOTION is our top climbing harness for all arborists. It combines comfort, safety, functionality as well as design and impresses with its qu...
  3. treeMOTION S.light

    treeMOTION S.light

    Our treeMOTION S.light is the super-light climbing harness for tree care from TEUFELBERGER, offering the user high quality and comfort.
  4. treeJACK


    Offering great value for money, the treeJACK is the ideal entry level harness that satisfies all basic requirements for climbing.
  5. ropeBUCKET/kitBAG


    ropeBUCKET/kitBAG are the robust transport and storage bags for tree care products from TEUFELBERGER. 
  6. pulleySAVER


    The pulleySAVER from TEUFELBERGER is a cambium saver with a pulley supplied by DMM. It is the ideal tool for tree care operations.
  7. equaLIZA


    The equaLIZA from TEUFELBERGER is an accessory for our pulleySAVER and is to be used as an additional equalizing link.
  8. fImblSAVER


    The fImblSAVER from TEUFELBERGER is a cambium saver provided with steel thimbles. It is the perfect tool for tree care operations in canopies. 
  9. fImblCLIMB


    The fImblCLIMB is a cambium saver with steel thimble for tree care operations from TEUFELBERGER. It is the lightweight of the fImbl family.
  10. multiSAVER


    The multiSAVER from TEUFELBERGER is an often proven cambium saver of polyester, which impresses with its well-thought-out design.
  11. multiANCHOR


    The multiANCHOR is a cambium saver with international certification, which is suited for multifunctional anchoring use.
  12. hipSTAR Flex

    hipSTAR Flex

    hipSTAR Flex is a multifunctional and certified lanyard that capitalizes on the length adjustment advantages of the "Hitch Climber System".
  13. multiTOOL


    The multiTOOL is the multifunctional extension of the Unity Ocean Loop.
  14. flipLINE


    The flipLINEs from TEUFELBERGER are lanyards provided with a steel wire core. Available in 12.5 mm diameter, our flipLINEs feature a Hi-Vee cover tig...
  15. ringLOOP


    The ringLOOP from TEUFELBERGER is a friction hitch certified to EN 795B. It can be used, among others, as a replacement part for the multiSAVER and th...
  16. antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard

    antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard

     The antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard from TEUFELBERGER is a lanyard for various tools needed in tree care. 
  17. multiSLING


    The multiSLING is regarded as the number one multipurpose tool for professional arborists. It is suited for various applications in tree care.
  18. Ocean Polyester e2e

    Ocean Polyester e2e

    The Ocean Polyester e2e is a hitch cord with two stitched eyes, which is ideally suited for your applications in the field of tree care.
  19. Ocean Polyester Loop

    Ocean Polyester Loop

    The Ocean Polyester Loop is a hitch cord stitched to form an endless sling. Due to its various certifications numerous applications are possible.
  20. Sirius Loop

    Sirius Loop

    The Sirius Loop is a hitch cord stitched to form an endless sling. It is ideally suited for tree care operations.
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