Pulling lines for ropeways

Pulling ropes of a ropeway is a complicated task, because it usually takes place in rough terrain. To facilitate this job for you, TEUFELBERGER has developed clampable high strength fiber ropes for the easy installation and mounting of ropeway ropes. The fiber ropes are extremely lightweight and can be produced in any length depending on your requirements. The reduced weight and high breaking forces of our fiber ropes make it possible to omit one or even two process steps in each pulling operation.

Due to its extremely high radial stability, the rope can be clamped by means of commercially available clamp plates, thus allowing perfect and easy handling on site. Torsion and stretch indicators braided in by TEUFELBERGER facilitate the visual control of the pulling operation.  Due to the supreme reverse bending fatigue strength and the long service life, your synthetic ropes for rope pulling on drum winches can be used many times over many years without difficulty and without any safety risk.

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Our ropes are bound to impress you:

  • Our fiber ropes weigh 7 times less than steel wire ropes. This is a particular advantage in rough terrain where every pound counts.
  • You can use your existing equipment for steel wire ropes (winches, clamps, support rollers or deflection sheaves, etc.) with our fiber ropes without the need for adaptation.
  • Our fiber ropes will help you save time as you can omit up to two process steps in a pulling operation.
  • Our synthetic ropes excel due to very high breaking forces, which surpass those of a steel wire rope of the same diameter.
  • Our pulling ropes are extremely compact and feature high radial stability. This permits easy clamping by means of commercially available clamp plates for steel wire ropes.
  • Our fiber ropes offer optimum control and a very high degree of safety due to torsion and stretch indicators in the rope cover.
  • Optional lengths can be produced to customer requirements - practically without any limit.
  • Teufelberger fiber ropes are characterized by perfect spooling behavior - no matter on which winch.
  • With our synthetic ropes there is no danger of injury from wires sticking out, burst ends of the steel wire rope, or similar.
  • The ropes ensure quick and easy handling as well as ergonomic working.
  • We are flexible in terms of design; color variations additionally facilitate your work. The ropes can be easily and simply identified by diameter or year of manufacture.
  • Ultimate abrasion resistance for professional use.
  • Our pulling lines for ropeways are characterized by an extremely high reverse bending fatigue strength, a long service life and minimal stretch - which is essential for a controlled tensioning operation.

We offer the following rope end terminations:

  • Spliced eye
  • Thimble
  • Socketing
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