Guide ropes

To achieve high hoisting rates, conveyonces have to be “guided“. Steel wire guide ropes are an inexpensive and reliable device to safely guide skips and cages. In contrast to fixed metal guides, rope guides can be installed easily and quickly. Therefore, they are substantially cheaper and help save costs in many cases.

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The recommended guide ropes for this purpose are half-locked or full-locked coil steel wire ropes featuring the following important rope characteristics:


•           Smooth outer surface of the rope and therefore low friction

•           Big outer wires (increasing the lifetime in terms of wear)

•           Relatively high stiffness

•           Low rope elongation ensuring increased system reliability and safety


When manufacturing these ropes, Teufelberger-Redaelli relies on high quality materials only. Moreover, we can resort to decades of experience in the production of these ropes as well as the respective reference projects. A unique production technology ensures that the exactly harmonized individual wires are placed in the rope structure without stress. This is the only way to achieve rope properties allowing a long and safe use of the rope.

Apart from the rope quality, the service life of the steel wire guide ropes depends also on the respective conditions of use (working depth, air humidity, hoisting rate, number of hoisting cycles per year, various corrosive influences). The service life of the rope will usually be between 4 and 20 years.

Our product portfolio includes two types of guide ropes: the FLEXGUIDE HLC (half-locked coil steel wire rope), and optionally upon request the FLEXGUIDE FLC (full-locked coil steel wire rope). Of course, our guide ropes can be delivered with various wire coatings, depending on your needs.

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