We have an extensive assortment of ropes for halters, leads, and lunge lines.

  1. 12-Strand Spun Nylon

    12-Strand Spun Nylon

    The 12-Strand Spun Nylon is used as a tack and it is favored by clinicians using the latest horse training techniques.
  2. 3-Strand Spun Nylon

    3-Strand Spun Nylon

    Our 3-Strand Spun Nylon is a traditional lead rope which is used as a tack.
  3. KM III

    KM III

    KM III from TEUFELBERGER is a fiber rope which can be used as extra firm rope reins.
  4. Mega Braid II

    Mega Braid II

    The Mega Braid II from TEUFELBERGER is an ideal rope for use as a Mecate. 
  5. Multiline II

    Multiline II

    Multiline II is our most popular 3-strand rope. It can be used as pack rope and for making hobbles. 
  6. Sta-Set


    Sta-Set is used the world over for matching halters and leads.
  7. Waxed Rein Rope

    Waxed Rein Rope

    The Waxed Rein Rope is our ideal rope for reins. 
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