The brainBOX – the new knowledge platform of TEUFELBERGER – offers a lot of useful information regarding fiber ropes and their use.

TEUFELBERGER and Robline are this year's partners of the European sailing championships, which will be held on our home waters.

With the spLIFE program, TEUFELBERGER offers an unprecedented service in which our partners and users benefit equally.

Years of research and development led to a new technology which is the basis for the innovative product TEWE® SoPRIM®, a 5mm strapping band. Downtimes of strapping machines are reduced thanks to increased stiffness and reduced abrasion of the strapping band while taking the environmental impact into account. TEWE® SoPRIM® needs less raw material with improved running characteristics and convinces especially in the newspaper- and corrugated industry.

Over the years, more than 130 lenghts of 7-strand wire ropes have been successfully installed and put into operation. The 7-strand construction has been further improved by an additional development with the technology of Solitec® profile supports.

Every day our customers face the challenge to ensure the smooth performance of their equipment at predictable costs. More than 400 years of experience in the manufacturing, installation and inspection of ropes has shaped Teufelberger-Redaelli to be what it is today - the best in rope handling. Knowledge, that we like to share with our customers.

Teufelberger-Redaelli has announced that it has very successfully tested its new High-Performance Hoist Rope for drum winders over the last 6 years. The 7Mine® was tested on several multi-layer drum winders in South Africa and Canada. In all cases, the new 7Mine® hoist rope was able to significantly outperform the previously used triangular strand ropes in terms of rope service life.

The new “Fleckalmbahn” in Kitzbühel: on schedule to open up to the public on 14th December, 08:30 a.m.

More attention to the importance of breast cancer screening. This is our goal. That’s why we support the Austrian Cancer Aid for the support of Breast Cancer Patients and the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc (USA). 

Stop using Braided Safety Blue® with slaice®, Arbor Elite with slaice® and pottsblitz with slaice®, CEclimb 12 with slaice®!

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