Teufelberger Strapping achieves Gold & Bronze in the EcoVadis sustainability ranking!                                                                                                                                                                        

KM G is the latest innovation from Teufelberger, the inventors of the 11mm G-rated rope. After decades of engineering prowess, we proudly present this special 11mm rope that is NFPA rated for general use (G-rated) and therefore the pinnacle of 11mm rescue ropes.  

Sometimes when you're working hard you need a break and that's where the tCHAIR comes in handy. 

Teufelberger donates in the process of a project to the charity Klein.Blind.Kind.

The breathable padding – ideal for hot summer days!

The Ultra comfort padding – adds more comfort and avoids any pinching and tweaking!

TEUFELBERGER is proud to introduce the new KM Pro rope, which is certified to EN1891A rope and CI 1801. The rope is specifically manufactured to the needs of the rope access industry and perfectly combines price and performance.

Even if most of the time the arborists access and work in the trees with ropes, it is frequent that they use platforms / cherry pickers / MEWPs, in order to make the task safer and fulfilling the European and North American standards Teufelberger has design the full body harness bMOTION range.

Continuous work pays off. We received the award “Lean Leitbetrieb 2021/22”, which confirms, that the lean management leader practice lean management at a very high level.

Multi colour prints of plastic straps will be handled by French partner La Croix Noble

The printing machine enables the printing of strapping in photo quality. Our French partner will take over the machine in July 2022 and continue the four color printing service. Teufelberger will carry on printing in mono quality in Wels.

Following the trend is easy, but improving in order to help tree climbers to get more efficient is what Teufelberger commits with its new treeMOTIONs Essential and Pro.

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