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Whatever you are doing - recreational climbing, standard daily work or competing - you should enjoy every minute of it!

We believe that there is no one better than our 23 Ambassadors around the world to support, advise, develop and test clever products that are beneficial for climbers’ lives. Each product has a little something extra that can only be created by the extensive knowledge and passion of arborists.

Thank you to our Ambassadors for their unconditional commitment. Whether you live, like our Ambassadors do, in Asia, Europe, North or South America or even in Oceania, this range will help you to GET READY TO CLIMB.

  1. Way up light pants

    Way up light pants

    More than just trousers, a real second skin that will accompany you throughout your day.
  2. Arctic fleece

    Arctic fleece

    The robust and versatile Artic Fleece consists of 300g/m² fleece made of 100% ambossed polyester.
  3. Fresh swell long shirt

    Fresh swell long shirt

    The fresh swell long shirt is a light, long-sleeved functional shirt for demanding climbers.
  4. Rope tarp

    Rope tarp

    The rope tarp protects your rope from dirt and damage!
  5. Cutlery set

    Cutlery set

    Enjoy your meal wherever you are.
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