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Boom hoist rope

The TEUFELBERGER boom hoist rope is essential for safely lifting heavy loads by means of crawler cranes at extremely high working heights and radii. The non-rotation resistant high performance steel wire ropes ensure that the boom and the auxiliary boom can be positioned precisely and smoothly.

Sometimes, the adjustment of booms of crawler cranes requires several ropes featuring highest break loads, excellent spooling characteristics in multilayer spooling as well as high wear resistance. Through long-term partnerships with customers, universities and research establishments, TEUFELBERGER has expanded its broad range of technological and application know-how, enabling us to develop a boom hoist rope that significantly supports the functionality of the crawler crane: the safe lifting and moving of loads.

For crawler cranes, Teufelberger offers compacted 8-strand and 9-strand boom hoist ropes with highest breaking forces and extreme dimensional stability under lateral pressure, which have been successfully used for many years on cranes. A TEUFELBERGER steel wire rope for crawler cranes is made perfect only by suitable customization through tested rope end terminations such as button sockets for commercially available pouch sockets. As a matter of course, tests and acceptance certificates are part of our service package.



    Featuring maximum resistance to crushing and deformation, this rope excels as boom hoist rope in mobile cranes. 


    With its extreme resistance to negative external influences and outstanding all-round characteristics, the rope excels in building construction and ci...
  3. End Termination

    End Termination

    The perfect end termination for a TEUFELBERGER high performance steel wire rope 
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