Forestry Ropes

High quality steel and fiber ropes for forestry use

Working in forests means working in and with nature – effectively, carefully, sustainably, and safely. To live up to these specific requirements, TEUFELBERGER develops high quality steel and fiber ropes for forestry use. 

Our forestry ropes help you optimize your timber harvesting, reforestation and forest care efforts. Our ropes for tower yarders and long distance ropeways are developed and tested in cooperation with our OEM customers. This is why they deliver such awesome performance.

Their strengths include:

  • long lifetime: fewer rope replacements and lower investment costs
  • high minimum breaking forces: greater safety and more space on drums
  • high compaction: resistant to abrasion
  • zero twist: rope does not form loops

Customer service is part of our business culture: from rope selection to training 

A well stocked warehouse provides additional supply safety for our customers so that they will not have to interrupt their work.

TEUFELBERGER stands not only for exceptional steel wire and fiber ropes, but also for a close-knit service network. Our field representatives and application engineers provide support wherever you are to help you select the right ropes for your needs.

Our range of services includes custom-tailored seminars and trainings to help you employ your products in a manner best suited to your type of use. Thus, product and rope training in how to handle and inspect steel wire and fiber ropes form a part of TEUFELBERGER's customer service. 

Comprehensive forestry rope portfolio

TEUFELBERGER has a large forestry product portfolio to meet your every need for work in forests. Our product range for tower yarders and long distance winches includes skylines and skyline extensions, hauling and haulback ropes, guylines, auxiliary and mounting ropes. Furthermore, we also have guylines for intermediate supports, hoist ropes for carriages, hauling ropes for add-on and skidding winches, and everything else that is needed for an efficient timber harvesting operation. 

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