Starter winch ropes for gliders

High strength fiber ropes for winches of gliders

A glider, unless provided with a motor, must be taken to a certain initial height on starting, before it can continue flying on its own. To this end, it is often pulled by means of a rope winch, for which a high strength fiber rope is required. In cooperation with our customers, we develop synthetic ropes for winches made of extremely lightweight high strength HMPE fibers. Our rope constructions are very abrasion resistant and can do without a cover. This saves some weight and allows users with some experience to easily splice the rope themselves.

Our starter winch ropes can also be used for paragliders. For this kind of sports equipment we offer special winches pulling you upward whenever and wherever you want in case that thermal lift fails to play its part. For these winches, too, we have the ideal solution.

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Our ropes - your benefit: 

  • Our ropes weigh 7 times less than steel wire ropes.
  • The synthetic ropes excel due to highest breaking force, which is as high as, or even higher than that of a comparable steel wire rope.
  • Fiber ropes are not subject to corrosion or soiling caused by rope grease.
  • Our synthetic ropes are no source of injury.
  • The ropes are characterized by easy and quick handling.
  • Our ropes feature a very high reverse bending fatigue strength - resulting in a long service life.
  • Due to our innovative special coating, our synthetic ropes are extremely resistant to abrasion.

We offer the following rope end terminations for launching ropes for gliders:

  • Splice with or without thimble
  • HyperTEN
  • DuraTEN
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