Hoist ropes for carriages

TEUFELBERGER also offers high quality yarder carriage hoist ropes allowing you to harvest your timber in the best possible way.  These steel wire ropes are ideally suited to lift loads and offer excellent load bearing capacity.

The key characteristics of our hoist ropes for carriages are:

  • zero twist
  • high breaking forces
  • flexible in use

For this type of use, our portfolio includes two hoist rope models: FSS 2 – 625 F and FSS 2 – 619 S. 

  1. FSS 2 - 625 F

    FSS 2 - 625 F

    The FSS 2 – 625 F forestry rope is a versatile steel wire rope for a variety of forestry applications.
  2. FSS 2 - 619 S

    FSS 2 - 619 S

    The FSS 2 – 619 S steel wire rope is a forestry rope that can be used for a variety of forestry activities.
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