Our goal is to manufacture safe strapping from plastic materials to create high-quality packaging solutions.

To us, ensuring the safety of our employees and customers as well as the users of TEUFELBERGER strapping is just as much our top priority as is optimizing the load unitizing safety of your packaged goods. This aspect becomes apparent in the entire product development process, in our ergonomic packaging design, and in our internal and external training and upskilling programs.

Safe. Reliable. Trouble-free.

As a responsible and reliable partner, we ensure that our products can be used safely. Additionally, we provide support for complying with legal requirements and standards.

At TEUFELBERGER, safety is our number one priority

For trouble-free packaging and a safe transport of goods, we offer you a wide range of strapping products, but also access to our strapping specialists and their comprehensive expertise. In this way, the level of transport safety can be checked, inspected, and improved. This will not only keep all people involved safe and protected, but also your goods during packaging and in transit.

Why do you need strapping?

Strapping bands are packaging material and used to secure goods such as pallets and boxes for transport. Available strapping material vary in its width and thickness and made out of different materials such as plastic, textile or steel. We at Teufelberger offer plastic transport protection made out of polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET). Strapping secures your valuable goods which are transported from A to B. In order to avoid damages, the safety of the packed good is highly important. You want to make the best out of your strap? „METIS“ Find out how your applied strap is currently performing on the packed good

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