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The Future of Ropes with Teufelberger


Teufelberger invests continuously in the further development of its ropes. Areas of application such as rope robots, 3D printers and automation entail new requirements in terms of rope technology. Serving as universal elements for the transmission of tensile forces, our ropes are adapted to meet these highly specific requirements.


Teufelberger caters to a broad spectrum of applications for fiber and wire ropes. While the requirements which ropes must satisfy are constantly increasing, there is brisk demand for ever-better products.
We cater to the traditional types of use with ropes offering optimized customer benefit and meeting very specific requirements. Today, ropes can be used more flexibly than ever.

Low weight, long life, and the role as substitutes for steel wire ropes have meanwhile become distinct hallmarks of our fiber rope portfolio.

Our customer-focused proactive efforts in sales have, time and again, helped us identify new potentials and possible types of use. Our strong R&D team develops the right solutions with characteristics that guarantee maximum customer benefit.


The future of ropes

High quality ropes will still be needed for highly specialized areas of use also in days to come. The demand for leading-edge solutions has increased for several years now, in some cases in entirely new segments. Not only are fiber ropes used as substitutes for steel wire ropes - rather, they have the potential to eclipse them in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance.

Fast moving ropes that cope with an extremely high number of load cycles are needed as long-lasting, reliable tensile force elements. Therefore, we work on solutions, e.g., in the fields of robotics, automation, rope robotics, future-generation wind turbine generators, and simulators. Also in the 3D printing and medical segments, our new rope generations and manufacturing processes enable us to deliver custom-tailored solutions.

In these sectors, lightweight, hard wearing ropes made of highest-quality fibers and with fine engineering are already sought-after today.


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