Synthetics ropes for Commercial Marine operations

Whether the requirement is mooring lines, tow lines, cranes, or any other application, TEUFELBERGER’s commitment to excellence means quality and value that is second to none. In marine applications - inland, coastal or offshore our products are designed and manufactured with the attention to detail and we put into all our products that are used in many of the most demanding applications all over the world. As a leader in so many of the most demanding applications – climbing lines, crane ropes and fall protection; TEUFELBERGER understands critical applications at a higher level.

Working with users to fully understand the needs of each particular application, TEUFELBERGER and our partners can custom tailor products for the optimum solution to a given challenge. Higher strength tension members throughout a system to allow for lighter weight, longer mooring tails for more elasticity in a high modulus mooring line design, materials for better knot holding in a conventional tug towline – these are typical of the enhancements we help our customers with every day.
Our Commercial Marine product line is specifically engineered to provide the strength, abrasion resistance, and elongation characteristics necessary for the majority of Commercial Marine operations. Many of these lines serve as the perfect alternative for wire rope applications. As compared to wire, our lines are lighter in weight, easier and safer to handle and provide an extended, corrosive-free service life.

As the global epicenter of the Commercial Marine division of TEUFELBERGER, our plant in Fall River, MA produces large diameter lines for fleets of tugs, barges, and towboats. We produce lines for the US Army, US Navy and US Coast Guard. Our global resources provide the opportunity for increased collaboration in all of our departments including engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and purchasing in order to create the highest quality, most innovative products, at the best possible value for our customers.

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