Incline hoist haulage rope

Incline hoists in underground mining are safe, flexible and efficient systems for transporting personal, equipment and ore. Trollies on rails are pulled to the surface by means of a drum winch and lowered underground through force of gravity.

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The haulage rope connected at the transport trollies is exposed to external influences such as humidity and dirt, as well as to mechanical influences, which occur as the rope is dragged along the ground and glides over pulleys when cornering along the tunnel walls. Any wear thus caused will damage the outer wires of the steel wire rope which, in turn, will result in wire breakage after some time. This mechanism of rope damage implies that the hauling rope should by all means have the following features:

  • High resistance to wear
  • Big outer wires

Other influencing factors affecting the service life of a rope such as multilayer spooling in the drum, humidity, etc., have to be considered in each individual case when choosing the rope.

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