The organization

TEUFELBERGER is built on three solid pillars that form the basis for the company's success: Steel wire ropes, fiber ropes, and plastics extrusion. In the 225 years of company history, we have continuously broadened our expert knowledge in the development and production of steel wire and fiber ropes and plastic strapping. Drawing on an in-depth understanding of our customers' needs and our experience and high level of technological expertise, we develop optimum solutions for our customers. 

Teufelberger's organizational structure at a glance

The pillars of our success: Wire Rope, Fiber Rope, Fibers&Plastics

Wire Rope

Our Wire Rope division is engaged in research, development, and manufacturing of high performance steel wire ropes. At two manufacturing sites, we produce several million meters of high performance steel wire ropes per year and for the following applications:

  • ship cranes, harbor cranes, construction cranes, offshore cranes, scraper systems, and industrial applications
  • passenger and material ropeways
  • slope groomer winches
  • mining
  • forestry

Fiber Rope

The high strength fiber ropes which our Fiber Rope division makes specifically for our customers satisfy the highest demands. We are the ideal partner for our customers in a host of segments and, together with you, develop the ideal rope for your intended use:

  • Yachting: TEUFELBERGER produces high quality yachting cordage under the Robline® and New England Ropes® brands.
  • Industrial applications: for winches, paper machines, the entertainment industry, the installation of overhead lines, forestry, and others.
  • Fall protection: Ropes and harnesses for industry, tree care, and climbing
  • Tree care: innovative portfolio of rope-based solutions offering excellent customer benefit
  • Commercial marine: high quality cordage for shipping on inland waterways and oceans 

Strapping Solutions

Decades of experience in the extrusion of polypropylene and polyester products form the basis enabling the high quality of our plastic strapping. Our TYCOON® (polyester) and TEWE® (polypropylene) strapping is used to secure goods, for example in the following industries:

  • beverages – cans, bottles
  • wood and timber
  • printing
  • baling
  • building materials
  • metals
  • logistics

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